To create active cultural atmosphere in our company, to promote corporate culture development, to strengthen communication and cohesion among seafarers, and also to create crew brothers a platform to show their talent, we call for papers or photography works towards all our seafarers and their faimilies, sepcific requirements as below:

All of our seafarers and their faimilies.

Pls submit yr works from now on.

For the content:
1. About work experience: Seafarers are welcome to share yr personal growth and yr feelings, and you can also share lessons of success or failure in work.
2. Professional knowledge: the crew can share the professional knowledge involved in their respective positions, including the training and communication experience.
3. Personal demeanor: it can be little fun stories in work, also can be personal essays, life feelings and so on, the content must be healthy and positive.
4. Marine life: seafaring life daily, including maritime photography, friendship among seafarers, moving stories on board etc..
5. Warm seafarers family: the family members of the crew brothers can also take this platform to express the support and care for the crew.
6. Other: You are also welcome to share your opinions or suggestions to the company and other contents not included in the above.

The way to participate:
Please send the electronic version of the related works to the appointed mailbox.

1. All works must be original. The statement must be smooth and fluent, the content must be healthy. No restriction on style and no. of words.
2. Once all the articles are adopted, a certain reward will be given according to the content and the number of words.
3. All articles should be submitted in electronic or written form, indicating name, contact method and time of submit.
4. Welcome to provide electronic pictures related to the text, and the pictures should be with high resoultion.

If you have any questions about the above, welcome to inquire.