Our company is professional crew, the bulk cargo container and RO ro ship set to about 80 ships. We are professional seafarer manning company, and now we dispatch full-set crew team for more than 80 ships which includes bulk cargo ships, general cargo ships, container vessels and ro-ro ships.

Bulk cargo ships, general cargo ships and container vessels clients generally as follows:
◆ Europe: German GSM, RICKMERS etc.
◆ Japan and South Korea: South Korean CIDO, Japan NTK etc.
◆ Singapore: PIL, ISM, TCC etc.
◆ Hongkong: Hongkong GOLDBEAM/OSM etc.
◆ Taiwan: HSIN, CHIEN etc.
◆ Domestic shipowners: Shanghai Greathorse, Zhejiang Ocean Shipping, Yangpuzhehai Shipping etc.