We now possess good cruise clients and strategic partners and we also have a large pool of merchant vessels seafarers. What’s more, we cooperate with domestic well known maritime and tourism schools which can recommend outstanding graduates for us. We can train them for cruise or even dispatch maritime college graduates on board cruise vessels directly. This will greatly shorten the cruise seaman training cycle and improve the level of our crew.

We possess luxury cruise manning qualification and resources covering crew management, specific training for each position on cruise ships, 5 star hotel service management, technical service and other supporting service. We have reached cooperation agreement with major global luxury cruise ships owners and opeartors and have started our comprehensive manning service. Our major cruise clients are as follows:

MSC Cruises:
MSC cruises is a top brand in Europe, South America and South Africa and MSC operates routes in Mediterranean and Caribbean waters troughout the year. Seasonal routes include North Europe, Atlantic, Cuba, French Antilles, South America, southern Africa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sir Bani Yas Island.
In 2014, the MSC cruises launched an investment plan, of ordering two "legendary" cruise ships and two "coast line" cruise ships (possibly ordering a third ship) to support the company's second stage business development. In February 2016, the company confirmed the plan for the additional construction of two larger "legendary Plus" cruise ships. In April 2016, the total planned investment amount increased to 9 billion euros and MSC cruise announced that they have signed the intent letter of ordering 4 more next generaton cruise vessels which are equipped with LNG propulsion technology. The Mediterranean cruise's investment plan period and scale have both pioneered the industry. It is the first global cruise brand to build such a grand plan, and 6 brand new cruise vessels will be delivered between the year 2017 and 2020.
MSC cruises willl leave you a unique and memorable holiday experience with its Mediterranean sytle elegance and take the guests to explore and experience different culture, gorgeous scenery and nice food globally. The Mediterranean cruise fleet consists of 13 modern cruise vessels: MSC MERAVIGLIA, MSC PREZIOSA, MSC DIVINA, MSC SPLENDIDA, MSC FASTASIA, MSC MAGNIFICA, MSC POESIA, MSC ORCHESTRA, MSC MUSICA, MSC SINFONIA, MSC ARMONIA, MSC OPERA, MSC LIRICA.
MSC cruise is well aware of its environmental responsibilities and has been the first cruise company to win the "seven gold pearl" award by Bureau Veritas, thanks to its excellent environmental management measures.
In 2009, the Mediterranean cruise ship reached a long-term partnership with the United Nations Children's fund to support multiple children assistance projects worldwide. So far, more than 6 million 500 thousand euros have been raised through voluntary donations from tourists.

Carnival Cruise group:
The US and British listed companies have the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world. The group has 10 cruise brands and more than 100 companies. Its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. The cruise liner brand of the Carnival Cruise group:
-Princess Cruises;
-Holland America Line;
-Cunard Line;
-Carnival Cruises;
-P&O Australian Costa Cruises;
-Aida Cruise;
-Ibero Cruise.

In 2005 Shanghai Huayang and Carnival Group Company Costa Crociere cooperation hotel human resources recruitment business cooperation;

In 2000, Shanghai Huayang and German Yu Wenxing Co., Ltd. carried out the human resources cooperation business of the luxury Cruise Hotel.

Royal Caribbean cruise liner Co., Ltd.:
The world's leading Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.) is headquartered in Miami, operating a cruise products worldwide, which owns Royal Caribbean International Cruise (Royal Caribbean International), (Celebrity Cruises), exquisite cruise jingzuan (Azamara Club Cruises) will cruise, cruise and Pullman (Pullmantur) CDF (Croisieres de France) and other cruise brands, there are quantum, oasis, Voyager, freedom, brilliant, fantastic, monarch 7 ship of the 23 ship large modern cruise lines, each year to provide more than 200 colorful holiday tour routes, nearly 300 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, Europe the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and other more than 70 countries and regions.

Our company also provides training platforms for all kinds of luxury cruise posts, and cooperate with famous Maritime Universities in China to provide training services for various positions of cruise ships.
As the mainstream of the world luxury cruise operators by the increase in the number of domestic recruiting in the sea, on the cruise ship before training gradually from abroad to the needs of the domestic market, to meet the current Fiesta Shanghai Huayang cooperation mainstream luxury cruise operators and MSC of Shanghai Huayang domestic recruitment training staff requirements. Shanghai Huayang at present and domestic well-known maritime university cooperation, joint service training related jobs:

1. Hotel department Related posts;
2. Room department related posts;
3. Restaurant related posts;
4. Bar related posts;
5. Duty-free shopping mall related posts;
6. Reception services related posts;
7. Entertainment related posts;
8. Personnel and document management related posts;
9. Relevant posts of the photography department;
10. Dealer department related posts;
11. Related kitchen related posts;
12. Tour guide department related posts.

At the same time to meet the Chinese luxury cruise market growing market demand, as well as the state of the luxury cruise from the equipment to the strong demand of domestic operations, Shanghai Huayang with excellent existing resources (China maritime bureau, Huayang maritime center, Maritime University long-term cooperation, the world famous luxury cruise company for many years experience of cooperation, huge the crew and so on) to carry out strategic cooperation with Shanghai Maritime Univeristy luxury cruise Technology Asia cruise, will be divided into batch cultivation and development of the domestic luxury cruise technology:

1. Deck driving departments;
2. Engine departments;
3. Electron-electricalsystems;
4. Safety officer;
5. Environmental Officer;
6. Other.