We have superior ocean engineering clients and strategic partners. We have large pool of merchant vessel seafarers whom we can train or dispatch directly for our ocean engineering plate which will greatly shorten the cruise seaman training cycle and improve the level of our crew.
Our company has professional marine service qualification and resources, including crew management, ship management, marine engineering project management, new project management, ship and marine engineering operation. We possess professional marine engineering service qualification and resources covering seafarer management, vessel management, ocean engineering management, new-built projects management and vessel or ocean engineering projects operation.
The marine project service type: marine ship -- AHTS/PSV/OSV/ laybarge / life / wind power installation barge ship; marine platform semi submersible drilling platform, semi submersible platform, life rigs, drilling barge, jack up drilling platform, self elevating platform service life etc.
Our service type of ocean engineering projects include: offshore vessel and offshore platform. Offshore vessel include AHTS, PSV, OSV, auxiliary vessel, life barge and offshore wind turbine installation vessel. Offshore platform includes semisub drilling platform, semisub living platform, drilling vessel, drilling barge, self-elevating drilling platform and self-elevating living platform etc.

Drilling system & marine oil industry operators Training:
1. Now, in the domestic market, we rely much on European and American staff on aspect of drilling system key equipment operation and maintenance. Changing this situation will lower domestic enterprises labor cost, improve work efficiency and quality. To achieve this, we cooperate with international superior drilling projects training institutes and ocean oil training institutes. Together with the domestic well-known Maritime College of Shanghai Maritime Univeristy, we reached a strategic cooperation agreement with France ICM international marine management consulting company and Singapore Region marine technology services company to carry out drilling system operation and maintenance personnel training and certification.
2. The trainee of the above joint training will meet the requirement of STCW International Convention, International Drilling Contractors Association(IADC) International Convention and International Well Control Forum(IWCF). The trainee holds the revelant occupation qualification certificate, this will lay a solid technical foundation for Chinese offshore equiment engineers and ocean enginnering staff to go aboard and get on the international ocean resources development stage.

Mr. Pierre Brunet, executive director of France ICM international marine management consulting company and Mr. Thomas Wong, director of executive Singapore marine technology services company visited Shanghai Maritime Univeristy teaching practice field accompanied by Shanghai Maritime Univeristy revelant personnel and Shanghai Huayang Ocean Engineering Department staff.
In recent years, with the continuous development of China ocean development, ocean drilling, ore sampling installation, seabed drilling exploration, marine lifting, diving support, well maintenance and modification, pipeline laying, platform supply, cable laying, marine research and other marine operations on the reliability of the increasingly high demand. In China, the demand for ships with dynamic positioning is increasing year by year.
Based on the strategic cooperation between Shanghai Huayang and DP training center of Shanghai Maritime Univeristy, we provide DPO comprehensive training, certification and Practice for senior marine officers.
In order to cope with the influences from the low oil prices to the oil-field service companies and offshore projects that have been offhired or without charterer, to provide good maintenance to short time no charter-party projects, and also to get the offshore projects ready for operation or sales any time, Shanghai Huayang cooperated with Singapore powerful ship owner OC company and the Norwegian well-known offshore equipment management companay, OSM company. To follow China’s ocean stragety, the above three companies jointly established stragetic cooperation to offer professional and international offshore equipment operation service.
Shanghai Huayang integraded its advantageous training resources in drilling to cooperate with domestic well-known maritime college Shanghai Maritime University, French ICM International offshore management and consulting company and Singapore offshore technology service company Region. The above parties reached stragegic cooperation agreement to carry out drilling system operation and maintenance training and certification, and this training base provides international and professional technology and operation service for the operation and maintenance of offshore projects.
We selected staff from our senior seafarer team to carry out offshore project works such as debugging, trial voyage, techinical support and relevant service work.