Dear colleagues, friends, and crew brothers:

On behalf of staff of our company, I sincerely bring our best wishes and regards to all the people who concerned and supported Shanghai Huayang.
Shanghai Huayang Maritime Tech Co.,Ltd, established in 1996, is a owned subsidiary of HuaYang Maritime Center which belongs to China Ministry of Transport. Since establishment in 1996, we have always upheld the priciple of “unity, truth, innovation and excellence”. Entrusted by the headqarter, we carried out bussiness such as freelance seafears dispatch, management, certificate service and international seafearers dispatch service etc. after more than 20 years the market situation, Shanghai Huayang adhere to market-oriented, customer demand as the center, to provide personalized and high standards of service for customers, at the same time with us sailors brothers sweat and labor, to witness the number of the hard struggle and the glory of success, thus establishing the important position of Shanghai Huayang in Chinese seafarers market. In the past 20 years, Shanghai Huayang experienced tremendous market changes, we have always been market-oriented and customer-centered to provide personalized high standard service for our clients. With labor of our seafear brothers, we have witnessed numerous hardship of struggle and glory of success, thus achieved high position in the Chinese seafarers market.
No matter how tremendous market changes we will experience, we will go forward steadily, lay a solid foundation, promote long-term development and cooperate strategy. We will develop strategic cooperative relationship with European, American and Southeast Asian leading ship owners and ship management company in order to improve Chinese seafarers competency and make our contribution to increasing Chinese seafarer market share. Review of 20 years' development, the development of Shanghai Huayang growth depends on the trust and support of friends from all over the world, the majority of the crew brothers depends on hard work and dedication, Shanghai Huayang will continue to contribute to the friends of development, and strive to further to a higher, stronger, magnificent goal. Reviewing the 20 years’ development, Shanghai Huayang’s great growth depends on trust and support from friends from different countries, depends on all seafarers’ hard work and dedication. Shanghai Huayang will continue to contribute to business development for friends of different countries and head towards higer, further and stronger goals.
To choose Shanghai Huayang means to choose the good reputation and guarantee. Thank you all very much!