Our Crew
We have more than 1800 senior & junior seafarers , more than 2700 crew members on board and 4000 crew members dispatched in one year. Our crew members are qualified in their position and are appreciated by the owners. Our crew will take part in all kinds of training when on board or on vocation. Follwing the principle of “good service for shipowner and take vessel as home”, our crew values their duty, take their initiative, values teamwork, improve personal competency and thus won good reputation in this industry.

Own Crew Training
Every year, we recruit graduates from domestic leading maritime colleges and train them to build Huayang own senior seafarers team. After 20 years, our team has more than 1800 senior seafarers who all graduated from leading maritime colleges, many of them have become captain, C/E, C/O, 2/E and other senior officers and they become main force we dispatch to the ship owners. We regularly organize new recruits every year to take part in military training, and regularly arrange for our freshmen to participate in the interview of the major shipowners.Our own seafarers are qualified with strong sense of service and excellent professional capabilities, therefore, they can saitify shipowners’ requirements under different condition. They have gained good reputation in the Chinese seafarers market and are highly praised by the leading shipowners.